Powerful production

We have presses with force from 10 to 630 tons.

Allow us to help you with your project.

Presentation of production

In the production part of the company we use tools of our own manufacture or we take over the tool from another manufacturer and with it, we perform services on our presses.

Stamping, transforming and cutting of sheet metal, deep drawing, washing, assembling of components; production of small or large series of products and what else could be found in the offer of our production.

With progressive tools, the presses are equipped with unwinding, straightening and feeding devices for sheet metal, in the case of transfer tools, the presses are equipped with a system for the transfer of input material.

Production capacity

See a wide range of products that are the result of our tools.

Fields of use: tools, production of video technique, electrical industry, production of household appliances, automotive industry, production of hand power tools, machine spare parts and others.