Company services

    We have presses with force from 10 to 630 tons. Table of presses:

    Name of the pressNominal force [kN]Dimension slide in mm (LxW)Dimension of desk in mm (LxW)Max.height of tools in mmShape
    TZ Litostroj63001250 x 12501250 x 12501000H
    EBU50001770 x 13001600 x 1300800H
    Schuler40001420 x 12501600 x 1400600H
    ZTS Košice4000950 x 5601250 x 895450C
    KRUPP31501000 x 10001000 x 1000700H
    Schuler25001100 x 800110 x 980493C
    ILR2500850 x 6301380 x 880425C
    Schuler16001100 x 900800 x 580500C
    Hydrap16001100 x 800800 x 500500C
    Jelšingrad1600800 x 4001000 x 700400C
    IMS1000950 x 650600 x 400400C

    Production of spare parts according to the reverse engineering system, documentation or the sample part.

    Maintainance of tools, that we use in our own production and maintainance of tools for external customers.



    Vertikalni obdelovalni center Mazak VTC 300C

    MAZAK VTC 300C

    Maximum workpiece size:
    1740 x 760 x 660 mm

    CNC rezkalni center TOYODA SB-316

    TOYODA SB-316

    Maximum workpiece size:
    3060 x 1600 x 800 mm

    EDM processing

    Wire electrical discharge machining or wirecut EDM is a metal processing technology( or electrical conductive materials), where thickness of the wire from 0,1 to 0,3 mm is usually from the brass, submerged in dielectric, erodes hard, heat-treated workpieces.
    The wire travels between two guides, between which a workpiece is inserted. Contours can meet high demands in shape and tolerance fields. This procedure is usually considered for workmanship operations, where due to high hardness, other classical treatments are not appropriate, in the processing of thin ribs, holes, matrix introductions, sheet metal forming tools, injection tools etc.

    Excetek V1280

    Excetek V1280

    Maximum workpiece size:
    1650 x 1200 x 495 mm

    Working stroke:
    1200 x 800 x 495 mm

    Fanuc Alpha 1iE

    Fanuc Alpha 1iE

    Maximum workpiece size:
    1050 x 775 x 300 mm

    Working stroke:
    600 x 400 x 310 mm

    Fanuc robocut C600IA CNC 31i-WB

    Fanuc robocut C600IA CNC 31i-WB

    Maximum workpiece size:
    1050 x 775 x 300 mm

    Working stroke:
    600 x 400 x 310 mm

    Fanuc robocut alpha 1iC

    Fanuc robocut alpha 1iC

    Maximum workpiece size:
    820 x 730 x 300 mm

    Working stroke:
    550 x 350 x 300 mm

    Electric Discharge erosion

    Electric discharge machine – EDM is a metal processing technology where the electrode erodes its shape in the workpiece. The workpiece is immersed in the dielectric, usually dedicated oil, for the production of electrodes copper alloys are used (for fine processing) or electroerosion graphite (for rough treatment). The electrode and the workpiece are connected to the source of power, which creates electrical potential between them, when the electrode approaches the workpiece at a critical distance, spark between them skips, both are discharged, the spark also causes microscopic cavitation on the workpiece, which is the deprivation of the material. These discharges can be several hundredths per second. The process is mainly used for making blind holes and various shapes.

    Prebijalni stroj Maxsee DZNC-S46

    Stamping machine Mexsee DZNC-S46

    Maximum workpiece size:
    750 x 400 x 300 mm

    Grinding is one of the fine finishing processes with trimming with which we can achieve high precision and excellent quality of treated surface.

    Flat grinding

    Ploskovni brusilni stroj Majevica Camut

    Flat grinding machine Majevica Camut

    Ploskovni brusilni stroj TOS

    Flat grinding machine TOS

    Ploskovni brusilni stroj ABA

    Flat grinding machine ABA

    Round grinding

    Okroglinski brusilni stroj Kikinda

    Round grinding machine Kikinda

    Brusilni stroj ELB

    Grinding machine ELB

    Turning is a cutting process, which serves mainly for the production of cylindrical bodies although it is also possible to process flat surfaces.

    CNC turning

    CNC stružnica Mazak

    CNC lathe Mazak QTN 250M II U1000

    Maximum workpiece size:
    to diameter 675mm or. 380 mm and length 035 mm.

    Classic turning

    Stružnica Prvomajska Raša Tokarilica D480

    Lathe Prvomajska Raša Tokarilica D480


    Laser welding in our company is used to quickly repair tools in production.

    Laserski varilni aparat Alpha laser

    Laser welding machine Alpha laser

    Thermal and surface treatment

    Thermal treatment of steels is a process in which the properties of the material are changed by the changing of temperature.

    • Hardening
    • Annealing
    • Improvement/Slackening
    • Surface hardening (surface hardening, cementing)



    Maximum workpiece size:
    350 x 750 x 260 mm


    The overall image of the product is ensured with the help of cooperators. The choice of a business partner is based on his quality services We serve the following external services:

    • surface protection (zinc-coating, tinning, nickel plating, cataphoresis, powder varnishing processes, blackening, coating…)
    • cutting (with laser, with watter jet)

    Degreasing and cleaning

    Cleaningsistem Dürr Ecoclean Universal

    Ultrasound cleaningmachine PIO


    3D merilni stroj

    3D measuring machine

    Measuring Strokes (mm):
    X: 700 | Y: 1000 | Z: 660
    Max part weight (kg): 900
    Software: PC-DMIS

    Optični merilni stroj

    Optical measuring machine
    Optiv Classic 321 v (TESA)

    Measuring Strokes (mm):
    X: 300 | Y: 200 | Z: 150

    Digitalni višinomer

    Digital altimeter
    Mitutoyo 0-600 mm

    Digitalni višinomer

    Digital altimeter
    Mahr Digimar 817 CLM

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