Powerful tool manufacture

Production of tools to dimension 3000 x 1600 mm and weight to 6000 kg.

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Presentation of tool shop

Our products:
– Tools for cutting and transforming of sheet metal
– Progressive tools
– Transfer of tools
– Tools for deep drawing
– Tools for cold forging
– Tools for plastic injection
– Control preparations
– Clamping preparations
– Machine parts


We construct and produce a wide range of high quality tools, with which we guarantee high productivity and long tool life. With our own development, construction and production of tools, we provide customers the entire professional support.


Production of tools to dimension 3000×1600 and weight to 6000 kg.

See a wide range of products that are the result of our tools.

Fields of use: tools, production of video technique, electrical industry, production of household appliances, automotive industry, production of hand power tools, machine spare parts and others.