Orkoplast, toolmaking and metal parts

Comprehensive quality offer – from idea to performance.

Mission and vision

To offer a customer the complete solution in one place by setting up an optimum technology of product manufacturing.

Enviromental care

The company constantly strives with its activity to minimize the burden on the natural environment of which it is an integral part. Company has performed a risk assesment, environmental measurements, health and safety at work and fire safety.


Quality of the company in reflected in the quality of a product, its conformity of customer requires, in compliance with agreed deadlines, fair payment discipline, correct attitude towards employees and customers. ˝Customer satisfaction is a mesure of our success˝.

How can we help you?

Take a look at our offer of products and services.

Tool shop

We construct and produce a wide range of high quality tools for you.


Stamping, forming and cutting of sheet metal, deep drawing, washing, assembling of components …

Fields of use

Cooperation with producers of different fields. Take a look at all the fields.

Tool making

We construct and produce a wide range of high quality tools, which guarantee high productivity and long tool life.

Product manufacturing on eccentric presses

We have presses with forces from 10 tons to 630 tons.

Production of spare parts

Production of spare parts by the reverse engineering system, according to the documentation or the sampled part.

Repair and maintenance of tools

Maintainance of tools that we use in our own production and maintainance of tools for external customers.

Milling and drilling

We offer milling and drilling on classic and CNC machines.

EDM processing

We offer services of EDM machining (Wire electrical discharge machining) and submurged erosion.


Grinding is one of the fine processing methods with cutting, with which we can achieve high precision and exceptional quality of treated surface.


Turning is the processing method(cutting), which is ussed for production of cylindrical bodies, although it is also possible to process flat surfaces.

Other services

We offer laser welding, thermal and surface treatment (hardening, annealing, improvement/slackening, surface hardening).

Quality without compromises

More than 30 years of experiences and innovativeness allows us, that we take care for top quality of our products.

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