Customer satisfaction is a measure of our success!

The Company presentation

Company Orkoplast d.o.o. was founded in 2003 as a continuation of family activity of tool manufacturing with a decades-old tradition. The main activity of the company is tool manufacture; manufacture of all kinds of tools for sheet metal transforming and injection molding of plastics. The additional activity of the company is production, which represents an important part of the company’s competitiveness on the market.

Mission and vision

The company was founded with the intention of continuing the tool-making activity and extension of the offer as well to the production part. Healthy foundations, expertise, quality, correctness and hard work, lead us on a successful business path. We want to remain a reliable partner in tooling services and be established on the wider European market.


Quality of the company in reflected in the quality of the product, its conformity of customer requires, in compliance with agreed deadlines, fair payment discipline, correct attitude towards employees and customers. ˝Customer satisfaction is a mesure of our success˝.

Enviromental care

The company constantly strives with its activity to minimize the burden on the natural environment of which it is an integral part.

Company has performed a risk assesment, environmental measurements, health and safety at work and fire safety.

From Idea to Performance, we offer our customers whole support to optimize the product through the entire development process.

The company can cooperate with the customer as a development partner already in the development of the product itself.
Knowing the entire production process, contributes to the optimization of the tool and product.

The company participates in the implementation of tools into production.

Capacities in the production part of the company are sufficient for large or small series of products.

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