Powerful production

We have presses with force from 10 to 630 tons.

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Production presentation

In the production part of the company we use tools of our own manufacture or we take over the tool from another manufacturer and with it, we perform services on our presses.

Stamping, transforming and cutting of sheet metal, deep drawing, washing, assembling of components; production of small or large series of products and what else could be found in the offer of our production.

With progressive tools, the presses are equipped with unwinding, straightening and feeding devices for sheet metal, in the case of transfer tools, the presses are equipped with a system for the transfer of input material.

We have presses with force from 10 to 630 tons:

  • 25 eccentric presses up to 5.000kN
  • 5 hydraulic presses up to 6.300kN

List of presses:

Name of the pressNominal force [kN]Dimension slide in mm (L x W)Dimension of desk in mm (L x W)Max. height of tools in mmShape
TZ Litostroj63001250 x 12501250 x 12501000H
EBU50001770 x 13001600 x 1300800H
Schuler40001420 x 12501600 x 1400600H
ZTS Košice4000950 x 5601250 x 895450C
KRUPP31501000 x 10001000 x 1000700H
Schuler25001100 x 800110 x 980493C
ILR2500850 x 6301380 x 880425C
Schuler16001100 x 900800 x 580500C
Hydrap16001100 x 800800 x 500500C
Jelšingrad1600800 x 4001000 x 700400C
IMS1000950 x 650600 x 400400C

Eccentric presses

Hydraulic presses


Spot welding

Orkoplast also performs MIG / MAG / TIG spot welding.

Laser welding

Laser welding in our company is used to quickly repair tools in production.

Laserski varilni aparat Alpha laser

Laser welding machine Alpha laser

Laser cutting

We offer laser cutting with the most modern laser machine Trulaser Cell 3000, which allows us exceptional precision and cutting quality. With laser cutting we can process different types of sheet material – stainless steel, iron, aluminum, brass etc.

Maximal workpiece size: 400x800mm.

TruLaser Cell 3000

TruLaser Cell 3000

Turning technology

Turning is a cutting process, which serves mainly for the production of cylindrical bodies although it is also possible to process flat surfaces.

CNC turning

CNC stružnica Mazak

CNC lathe Mazak QTN 250M II U1000

Maximum workpiece size:
to diameter 675 mm or 380 mm and legth 1035 mm.

CNC turning

CNC stružnica NOMURA DS


Milling technology









Washing machine Dürr Ecoclean Universal

Ultrasonic washing machine

Surface treatments

To offer our customer greater value , we are able to  offer different types of surface protection:

  • cooper coating
  • nickel coating
  • tin coating
  • silver coating
  • zinc-nickel coating

We also offer washing of the products, trovalisation and heat treatment.

The overall image of the product is ensured with the help of cooperation. The choice of a business partner is based on his quality services. We use the following external services:

  • surface protection (cataphoresis, powder varnishing process, blackening)

See a wide range of products that are the result of our tools.

Field of use: automotive industry, electrical industry, production of household appliances and others.